• 500-1000 TPD solvent extraction equipment
  • 500-1000 TPD solvent extraction equipment
  • 500-1000 TPD solvent extraction equipment
  • 500-1000 TPD solvent extraction equipment

500-1000 TPD solvent extraction equipment

  • Raw material:soybean,peanut,sunflower seed,flaxseed,linseed,etc
  • Capacity::500-1000 tons per day
  • Usage::cooking oil
  • Port::Qingdao,Other port in china
  • Delivery time::30-45days after signing contract
  • After-sales service::Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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1.  Introduction to this plant:

♦   Adopt stainless steel fixed grid plate and increase the horizontal grid plates, which can prevent the strong miscella from flowing back to the blanking case, so as to ensure good extraction effect;

♦   The rotocel extractor is driven by rack, with unique rotor of balanced design, low rotating speed, low power, smooth operation, no noise and quite low maintenance cost;

♦   The feeding system can adjust the rotating speed of airlock and main engine according to the feeding quantity and maintain a certain material level, which is beneficial to the micro negative pressure inside the extractor and reduce the solvent leakage.

♦   The advanced miscella circulation process is designed to reduce the fresh solvent inputs, reduce the residual oil in meal, improve the miscella concentration and save energy by reducing the evaporation capacity.

♦   The high material layer of the extractor helps to form immersion extraction, reduce the meal quality in miscella, improve the quality of crude oil and reduce the evaporation system scaling. 
♦   Specially suitable for the extraction of various pre-pressed meals.

2.  Main equipment:

♦   Extractor system,
♦   Toasting system,
♦   DT desolvent-toaster ,
♦   Evaporation system.
♦   Steam-stripping equipment,
♦   Condensing system,
♦   Exhaust gas recovery system,
and so on.

3.  Features:

♦   it is the most simplified structure of the same type if extractor.

♦   replaced with a false bottom plate fixed grid, reducing the movement mechanism, high safe operation rate, work reliably.

♦   has a " salf-clesning " effect, clean up grid plate without downtime.

♦   it can increase the leaching time of the material, reduce meal residual rate.

♦   it can increase the loading factor, increase production.

4.  Main Process:

(1) The material (for pretreatment) is sent to rotary extraction by the scraper conveyor. The material will extracted by the solvent or mix oil. After this step, we will get meal and mix oil.

(2) Meal is send to toaster. Through the toaster, the solvent in the meal will seperate from the meal. The solvent goes to condenser and is recycled to rotary extraction.

(3) After the mix oil from the rotary extraction enters into first elevator evaporator and second evaporator, most of the solvent in the mix oil is separated.

(4) The mix oil from 2nd evaporator goes to stripping tower,and almost all the solvent is separated. From the stripping tower, we can get crude oil and solvent. The solvent is sent to condenser and is recycled to rotary extraction.

5.  Technical parameters:

Steam consumption 700KG/T oil
Electric consumption 28Kwh/T oil
Water (soften water) 150Kg/T oil
Phosphoric acid 2~3 kg/T oil
Alkali acid valuex1-3kg/T oil
Circulating water cooling water yield 150M3/H
Bleaching earth consumption 3-5Kg/T oil
Waste bleaching earth oil content ≤25~35%
Refining losses acid valuex1.2 (chemical refining) acid valuex 0.6 (physics refining)
Bleaching losses the quantity of bleaching earth×0.25%
Deodorization loss consumption ≤0.5%≤0.5%
Refining rate 1-refining consumption