• vertical oil filter
  • vertical oil filter
  • vertical oil filter
  • vertical oil filter

vertical leaf oil filter

  • Filtering area:4-60㎡
  • Filter spacing:70mm-75mm
  • Usage:oil filter
  • Port:Qingdao,Other port in china
  • Delivery time:30-45days after signing contract
  • After-sales service:Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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1. Vertical Leaf Filter Main Application:

The products are mainly used for fluid precision filtration for oil, paint, pigment, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, grease, chemical and other industries fluid, also for filtration aid  and decolourant.

Petrochemical Industry :  polyether, diesel, lubricating oil, white oils, transformer oils, ozokerite, mineral oils and a variety of base oil.

Oil : crude oil, floating oil, gas oil, winter oil, stearin and other vegetable oils. 

Coating : varnish and resin Paint, lacquer, dyes and so on. 

Food : gelatin, sound juice, salad oil, starch, sugar, monosodium glutamate, fruit juice, milk and other types of wines and beverages. 

Pharmaceuticals : hydrogen peroxide, vitamins, such as glycerol 

Organic Chemicals : Various organic acids, alcohols, such as fat, benzene, formaldehyde, ether. 

Other : Various additives and water treatment. 

2.  Vertical Leaf Filter Structure feature:

►  Unique design of the filter plate, without Filters and filter cloth, which can reduce filtration cost dramatically. 

► .Full closed filtering operation with no pollution, no loss of material. 

►  Automatic left residue of vibration device for automated continuous operations. 

►  Automatic valve slag, which can dramatically reduce labor intensity. 

3.  Vertical Leaf Filter Filtration Principle: 

Metal mesh + filter aid + pressure 

Metal plates multi - seat type screen and frame composition. 

Filter a variety of filter aid. Such as diatomaceous earth, clay, bleaching earth. 

When the pressure difference, filter aid in the formation of filter cake on the screen, that is the filter.  

4. Specification:

Filtering area
Barrel diameter
Filter spacing
Overflow port
Slag-drip opening
4 600 70 DN50 DN80 DN32 DN300 2100 480
6.5 650 70 DN50 DN80 DN32 DN400 2350 800
15 900 70 DN50 DN80 DN32 DN400 2450 1500
20 1100 75 DN50 DN80 DN32 DN500 2450 1800
25 1100 75 DN50 DN80 DN32 DN500 2800 2100
30 1200 75 DN50 DN80 DN32 DN600 2550 2500
40 1300 75 DN70 DN80 DN50 DN600 3400 3400
50 1400 75 DN80 DN80 DN50 DN600 3500 3800
60 1500 75 DN80 DN80 DN50 DN800 3600 4500
80 1600 80 DN80 DN80 DN50 DN800 3800 6000