The Brief Introduction of the Solvent Extraction
Source: Hongyang   By Kevin Wang     Date: Mar 30,2015     View:
The loop-type extractor adopts a chain-drive system, it is suitable for the prepressing and extraction of high content oil and the direst extraction of low content oil. Like the rotocel extractor, the structure of loop type extractor is designed to reduce power consumption, maintenance requirements and noise. However, this extractor utilizes percolation-style filtration. Rotation occurs at the bend of the machinery for efficient processing.

Special self-cell solvent spraying ensures good extraction effect. Special material discharging system and adjustable speed ensures the meal discharged onto conveyor evenly and buffering impacting to the conveyor. All this done makes it stable in process of desoventizing.

1.The complete extraction equipment is applicable to extract oil from the adopt expanding and extracting technical.
2.Pre-dealing expanding technical break the oil cell structure, passivate the enzyme in the oil-cake/flake. Squeezing and expanding to the mould make the contacted area bigger with solvent, so as to make for extraction from expanding materials (cake, embryo).
3.The extraction technical generally extract oil from cake and embryo by pre-extraction or direct extraction.
4.The whole equipment is composed of solvent extracting, wet meal roast & desolventing machine, long pipe evaporator, discal stripper, condenser and other equipment, and it’s matched with explosion proof motor, various kinds of connected pipes in plant, as well as the required accessories of instrument, apparatus, valve and so on.

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