The announcement for screw oil presser
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Press principle of presser: press running, processing good of material embryo from hopper into squeezed bore, under squeezed screw thread rotating function, gradually from into material end to out cake end direction advance, makes squeezed bore within the paragraph volume gradually narrowed; and for squeezed screw thread continuous to will material embryo push into squeezed bore, compression material embryo, put oil extrusion out.

First, before using the press, first of all should be prepared to assistive devices and containers, check and adjust the drive belt tension. Heating switches on the host will be temperature adjusted to 130-180 (adjusted according to the different oils, manufacturers are marked in the manual). Then start the motor, make the machine air 15min (minutes), check the pressing screw shaft speed. General speed should be in the 33-42D/min (/min). Racing to the attention of the meshing of the gears in the gear box and the sound is normal. The bearing parts and motor is normal. Press machine idling, the motor current is 3A (AMPS).

Second, the machine without load properly and host temperature is attained, the prepared 50kg (kg) about fuel, ready to put into the hopper. Note: start when you press the feed should not be too fast, otherwise, squeezing the pressure suddenly increased in bore, squeezing the screw won't turn, resulting in squeeze-bore Plug and even bar cage rupture. Therefore begins when pressed, feed should be even put into the hopper slowly until the cake in even normal feeding, normal press operation, cake thickness can be adjusted to 1.5mm (mm), and tighten the fastening nut, continuous pressing.

Third, press normal operation, high oil content of oil out of the oil too much focus on the rows and circles before discharge. Row the oil oil at about 60%, first group rounded rows about 30%; in the Group round, and round out the end oil is gradually reduced, drops out of line, the oil color is clear. After fried roasted oils, you can oil the oil bled again, to keep even when blanking, avoid suddenly much less, otherwise it will affect the life and oil yield of oil press.

Four, during operation always check oil press cake, and controls water blank is not too high but also low. Normal cake was flaky, smooth by pressing screw side, the other side has a lot of wool Jacquard. Cake loose weak, or the cake is not forming, deep color, hand pinches into pieces and it shows blank too little water if cake is soft, into large pieces, or increase the oil bubble, you add too much water. Under normal circumstances, circularly between slag or small slag, slag at the row, such as slag fine-Flake shows too much water, flour residue then little water. In addition, to squeeze the water out oil changes can be seen in is appropriate when squeezed into water is too high or too low, the oil is back.

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