Say no! Unhealthy cooking oil
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What is aflatoxin? Is it toxic? State food and Drug Administration invited expert gave us a interpretation.

Aflatoxin contamination was spread around the world-wide. Aflatoxin was first discovered in 1960, there were identified more than 12 kinds of them. Aflatoxin has good thermal stability , which is not easy to decompose after conventional cooking and heating.

Aflatoxin contamination in the world is quite extensive, including whole grains, nuts and seeds, and milk, especially corn, peanuts are the most severe pollution. The main reason is the food prior to the harvest in the field, such as aflatoxin toxigenic effects under the right conditions of temperature and humidity breeding merged with HIV, or not fully dry, produce a lot of toxins during the storage period. Cooking oil, there are also susceptible to aflatoxin contamination problems, but after the selection of raw materials, neutralization, adsorption and other controls aflatoxins in oil is reduced to a very low level.

There are serveral reports about human acute toxicity of aflatoxin. Acute poisoning caused by the intake amount of the aflatoxin. Symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning generally transient fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, jaundice, ascites, liver poisoning symptoms such as lower extremity edema, severe fulminant hepatic failure and death. According to the standards in China and the rest of the world, if aflatoxin content within the safety limits range and it will donot pose a risk to consumers ' health.

In recent years, "natural" and "original" has been pursued by a part of consumer, in addition to buying "oil mill", but also have home-made used oil press machine. For both ways of producing oil, experts say taht there is a big security risk. In addition to the question of whether quality clearance, there are following problems: without refining process, more impurities, prone to oxidation; oil equipment cleaned thoroughly difficultly, residual oil and grain residue in the oxidation will have mildew, food safety hazard in addition, low resource utilization, will cause a big waste.

at this time, it is urgently important to eat the refined cooking oil, which is more healthy for human body.

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