Variety of oil crops crushing methods and requirements
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1, Sesame: into the squeeze before the seed to light grey, burst, squeeze seeds out of oil, fried when the seeds fires against FRY, temperature 120-150 degrees, pie and 1.5 mm thick O.7, fried seeds fit cake smooth flow oil in oil residue-free pie for strip shape, once dried up.
2, and rapeseed: because North-South material water varies, fried qián plus 4 zhì 6%, South not not plus (according to material itself water how much and set), first with fire slammed fried to rapeseed hot, began has burst sound wéi zhǐ, again switched to fire fried to rapeseed opened tablets is brown red, fried seed process in the, shall not plus water, into squeezed shí rapeseed temperature 120-130 degrees, water about 1 zhì 1.5% fried seed whether suitable, can from flow oil out cake of State observation. Press Press rapeseed fit, cake, smooth flow oil in oil residue-free. Pie thickness l-1.5 mm, small patches of reddish.

3, peanuts: fried peanuts soaked well before seed again, FRY seed should also be appropriate to join in the process water, ren maintain good flexibility and plenty of water, ren scrambled to eight mature, hand squeezed Jen reached kernel and husk separation, Jen can be broken into two into the press, thick cake O.7mm cake with the strips of wrinkled shape. The oil flow.
4, cottonseed kernels: into the pressed oil until pale yellow before, temperature 120-130 degrees, the cake thickness from 1 to 1.5mm (South, North, water, proper mastering water).
5, soybeans: fry before bursting into squeezed edible temperature 120-130 degrees, pie thick O.7mm. Once again drained, but over dry cake for Coke, so that it loses much of the protein. Twice drained approach is generally used. Fry the beans to about six or seven, into the pressing temperatures of 80-100 ° c, water 5 zhì 6%, the first pie 1.52mm, a second pie thick O.7mm, pie to pull the wrinkles and higher oil extraction rate and amount.

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