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On 25th November, Xinxiang Hongyang Oil Engineering Co.,Ltd deliver the equipment, Grape seed oil production equipment line to Qufu City, Shandong Province China.

The main valuable material of the grape are grape seed oil and grape seed extract, grape seed oil is a senior health care oil, grape seed extract is effective antioxidant.The preparation method of grape seed oil with supercritical CO2 extraction method and organic solvent extraction method, the former has the extraction speed, strong selectivity, high quality and low energy consumption, and particularly suitable for separating heat sensitive material;Disadvantages of this method is equipment investment big, small scale of production, the selectivity is a bit poor.The latter is suitable for mass production, extraction speed, strong selectivity, defect is part cake after extracting protein denaturation, is not conducive to protein processing.

The process of the whole production line are follow: Pre-treatment section, Extraction section, Refining section, Dewaxing section.

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