Characteristic analysis of hydraulic presser
Source: Hongyang   By Kevin Wang     Date: Feb 26,2015     View:
Hydraulic oil press is also known as "water hydraulic machine". Uses to hydraulic transfer press machine, made a batch of equipment. Hydraulic press structure has its own unique advantages in performance and features.
Hydraulic oil press of the oil cycle include: steaming (cold pressed oil without cooking), loading up pressed, pressed to extract oil (contains a quick squeeze, slowly squeezing, drain oil phases), cake discharge and so on.

Hydraulic oil press is characterized by:
Squeeze-bore, good range, adjustable pressure; ability to apply a variety of oilseed crops and many oil process, include, cold pressing, hot press, pulp sludge with high moisture content of oil and higher oil oil oil; the production cycle is long, loading and unloading bread in trouble, few single output, low efficiency, and auxiliary equipment required, covering an area of.

This shows that the hydraulic oil press generally only applies to some scattered oil processing, and the need for a special flavor or nutritional oils such as sesame pressed to extract oil. More canola oil press, walnuts, sesame oil presses, tea seed oil press, oil press, hydraulic press, screw press products, please call 0373-5098666

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