Be careful of Household squeeze oil press machine
Source: Hongyang By: Mandy lee     Date: May 21,2015     View:
Recently, there is a voice online in china,”be careful Household squeeze oil press machine, which may cause carcinogenic”which shocked many humans, It says that after pressed by the household squeeze oil press machine. it was called crude oil without deacidfication , degumming deordourization and other sections after pressed by the household squeeze oil press machine. It has some carcinogens like flavacol and others.

With this question, the reporter Interviewed Professor Dong Jin Shi, the famous food safety and environmental protection experts, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the international food packaging Association.

Professor Dong said, As a food species, States made provisions for the regular sale of edible oils on the market, like oil production environments, processes, equipment, packaging, storage conditions, and did the test to the oil seed sources, aflatoxins, heavy metal content etc.

From a food safety perspective, regular sale of edible oil is safe to eat, but consumers use the household oil press machine to get the oil will have a lot of problems. First of all, the sources and the quality of the oil seed were not guaranteed, consumers could not test the harmful substances content of raw material, such as heavy metals and aflatoxins; second, the oil environment and equipment is out of control, as the machine may rust, storage utensils may contain carcinogenic Bisphenol and plasticizer ;third,Once the press process is out of controlled, which may lead oil reacts at high temperatures, can cause cancer.

In condition, the storage time for oil is very important, the oil will produce a series of harmful components after a six months shelf life, resulting in consumption of respiratory tract, gastrointestinal discomfort.

So professor Dong suggested that better less to eat the oil pressed at home, buy a regular oil sold on the market and don't eat one seed oil for a long time, so as not to "Eclipse".

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