Where the happiness comes from
Source: Hongyang   By Kevin Wang     Date: Apr 20,2015     View:
This morning Hongyang oil engineering technology co., LTD., corporate counsel Dr Zhang for new employees to preach, topic around the word "happiness".

What is happiness? Some people think happiness is that people like themselves together to do their own thing every day. But Dr Zhang said,this idea would yourself isolated in society, because people live in the society can not only contact with the people and things that oneself like, for fresh graduates in just the transition from school to the society, the most need to learn is how to face you don't like people and do what you don't like things, this is a kind of ability to adapt to society, the earlier to learn, is a sign that you are the stronger ability to adapt to society.

Dr. Zhang also said that some people think happiness is beer and skittles, but afterward you will know, beer and skittles will not bring you happiness. Dr. Zhang ever go out with friends bought a saloon car travel, think it is happiness, but less than two months, such a life there is no point, also did not make him feel happy, then forget about it.
The real happiness, is to overcome the challenges and difficulties that moment of inner happiness.
Human life sickness and death is an inevitable process, only to learn, progress, continue to face challenges and overcome difficulties, life really meaningful. When you overcome the difficulties brought about by the success and the moment of happiness, is real and lasting.

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