walnut oil company begin to operate
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Walnut contains 65%~70% walnut oil, ranks first in all kinds of oil in the world, named "oil depots on the tree"

the nutritional value every 500ml walnut oil is 6 times times than peanut oil, 8.5 times than soybean oil, 10 times times than the meat, 12 times than eggs , 25 times times than milk, it also has a unique use of nourish, nutritious, health, known as the precious high nutritional and healthy oils.

Hong-Yang oil completely adopt physical oil press technology and physical refining process at minus 20℃ , perfect keep brain of walnut oil and natural elements ensure that nutrients are not lost in the walnut oil.

On 14th September, 2015, Luoyang walnut oil company which equipment supplied by Hong Yang oil engineering Co.,Ltd has been finished and begin to operate and gain profit. 

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