Hongyang wolf culture follow your leaders
Source: Hongyang   By Kevin Wang     Date: Apr 29,2015     View:
Tuesday is Hongyang grease routine early meeting time, Hongyang today early meeting theme is the Wolf culture follow your leaders.

Today's society is a society full of competition and challenges, teamwork is crucial to the company's development in the enterprise. Teamwork is essential, that team has to have a man with a strong executive power, this man was in our team, "General". And what we have to do is obey, fully prepared, we should do it. This is reflected in the Wolf is just right. Wolves are social animals, and team spirit is very strong,and each has wolves in a Wolf Pack with full executive power, it is the core of the team, other wolves in a battle to do is together, struggle to complete the task.

In the enterprise, it is need the Wolf culture, is not only see the leadership of the enterprise's development in the present, but also the future of the enterprise. Hongyang oil company in three to five years to make the world first-class grease, and the employee have to do is to obey, follow, adhere to the leadership given by our mission, go all out.

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