Hongyang unique corporate culture
Source: Hongyang   By Kevin Wang     Date: Mar 15,2015     View:
How can a company ranked in the forefront, Invincible in the competition, and continues to roll, make grand appearance. Artificially high mountain peaks, thinking of how far you can go far. Ahead of the General Manager is the core of our company forward momentum. Hong Yang, General Manager with all the characteristics of good leaders have.

Hongyang corporate culture can be summed up in five points: family, good values, good practices, great cultural rituals, energy and cultural platform. In the company feel like home, everyone young, elder people are very kind.Enterprise values can produce cohesion and motivate employees to release potential. Business leaders precept to establish unified values, guide us improve yourself. Enterprises infected everyone.The red carpet ceremony. An excellent enterprise value is not a few high-level managers, but "skilled staff". Red carpet ceremony is to encourage and support for new members, is a new developed into "skilled staff".

Hongyang have to efforts to the spirit among the first-class grain and oil industry, excellent enterprise culture to guide employees in a correct road of light to go on.

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