Hongyang mini oil refinery machine exported to Korea
Source: Hongyang by: Mandy     Date: Mar 07,2017     View:
 Mr. Park, the CEO of Biospectrum in Korea, ordered one set small scale oil refinery machine from our company in 7th, March, 2017. after manufacturing about 20days, the machine was already on the ship. High efficient, Best quality mini oil refinery machine, with all the features of large-scale oil refining equipment, and better than large and medium-sized refining equipment unit, it is suitable for various oil refining into national standard oil, advanced cooking oil; Low energy consumption, small footprint, no boiler and dedicated plant base for small oil plant supporting refining.

The main parts: 
1.Refinery tank:   use the hot water and alkali to degumming and Neutralizing.  

2.Bleaching tank:  use the bleaching earth to remove the deep color  

3.Leaf filter:      remove the waste bleaching earth from the bleaching tank  

4.Deodoration tank:  use the vacuum system to remove the bad smell in the oil,  

5.Steam generator:  supply the steam for deodoration tank     

6.Oil pump: the connection for bleaching tank and lea filter.      
7.Vacuum pump: make the vacuum situation for the machine    

8.Electric control system

9.Hot water and alkali tank: there is a separator inside, one for hot water storage, the other for alkali storage

10.Bleaching earth tank: supply the bleaching earth for bleaching tank

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