HongYang group interviewed by Henan TV
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 Mr Kevin, the General manager of Hongyang company was interviewed by Henan TV station on 16th,May ,2018. The interview focused on Hongyang company export to extraction oil machine to Kyrgyzstan. Mr.Kevin Wang told the reporter that previously export to product central African countries could only be transported by truck. Not only need a long time, but also often damaged product.But now with the opening of the central African railway, our transport has been greatly improved.

Our company is only 1 km away from the China to Asian railway station. Our company's shipment to five countries in Asia not only greatly saves our company's logistics cost, but also makes the delivery cycle more flexible, which is of great help for us to further develop the Asian market. after this railway opened, we can realize the delivery of point-to-point product from the factory-to-factory, Which is convenient and fast. While reducing our cost, also reduce the cost of customers and promote our foreign trade cooperation.
Xinxiang Hong Yang Oil Engineering Technology CO., LTD. Is located in the central plains urban agglomeration cross the basic framework of the XinXiang, Xinxiang city is an important part of zhongyuan urban agglomeration and it belongs to"Zheng Luo new national independent innovation demonstration zone" of the golden triangle, with the opening of the Xinxiang national economic and technological development zone of central Asia trains very strategic significance for our company.

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