Hongyang Wolf culture construction of high-quality executive team
Source: Hongyang   By Kevin Wang     Date: Mar 18,2015     View:
Today Hongyang theme is the second "Wolf culture follow your leaders" after in-depth discussion, namely to create an efficient implementation of the "Wolves" of constructing high-quality executive team.

Enterprises must have executive power, will be competitive. Execution, as the lethality of weapons, the army's fighting capacity, lack of execution, be weapons misfire, the army can't win. Wolf in business execution, mainly reflected in the performance of Wolf quest. This is white scar inspiration from wolves, "Wolf Pack is everything." Wolves are so, so does Enterprise, no matter how decision-making at the top of the right, and no matter how middle-level Executive's strengths if your team members are not implemented at the lowest level, then this team is no executive power. An enterprise is a powerful, excellent not only because executives, middle management is good, even more important is that every Member on the team are all excellent and outstanding Executive talent, can be determined to carry out the superior instructions, and can implement.

Hongyang grease is open to every new employee, encourage employees to bold innovation, and attach importance to staff training, in order to again on existing highly improve the capabilities of the whole team.

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