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How time flies, the busy 2017 has passed, and the expected 2018 is coming to us. A New Year, new target and hope, Xinxiang Hongyang oil engineering CO., LTD., on February 10, held in Shengshi Sunshine Hotel with "the new journey, the new beyond" as the theme of the annual party, the company leaders and front line staffs attended the annual meeting together.

The annual meeting was filled with passionate, enthusiastic and lively atmosphere. First of all, Mr. Wang guoxuan,the chairman of the company, delivered a reviewed the significant achievements in 2017 , and gave full affirmation and encouragement to different divisions of the company's efforts and pay. At the same time, the new strategic planning of company in 2018 was put forward.

In the past year, the company's sales performance has skyrocketed, the company's members has gradually increased, and the professional team has been gradually formed, all of which cannot be separated from the efforts of all the members in the company. The company also provided staff with a stage to show themselves, all departments of the partners had brought a series of brilliant talent show.Everyone’s show performed allHongyang people’s innovation, practical, confident and high comprehensive quality, presenting a happy and auspicious Hongyang big family.

In the middle of the annual meeting, there was an exciting raffle, and the awards were accompanied by applause and cheers from time to time. All the members enjoyed a big dinner and celebrated the New Year.The whole meeting ended in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.

In the New Year, we will be full of hope and passion, to conquer the broader market and to explore more brilliant career.

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