Sunflower seed oil refinery project in Ningxia, China

Sunflower seed oil refinery project in Ningxia, China

  • Product:Sunflower seed oil refinery plant
  • Raw Material:sunflower seed
  • Client:Mr. Liu
  • Date:April, 2005
  • Construction Site:Ningxia City

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■ Project profile

Brief Introduction about the case:

Oil refining workshop get the high-grade cooking oil from crude oil through the hydration degumming, continuous decoloring, filtering, continuous deacidifying and deodorizing 4 main sections. It’s a flexible process, economic and environmental protective.

Our production line has been sold to Wuzhong City in Ningxia Xingda Grain and Oil CO.,Ltd in April 2005. And then our engineers had come to Ningxia City to install the whole line about 50TPD capacity for about two months. And the whole production line has run very well since now. And our customer also sent us the oil produced by the machine we have sold to him. And we also have been in a very harmonious cooperation relationship with each other for a long time.