Partner Universities
Henan agricultural University

Founded in 1952, it is the first engineering university in Henan Province, one of the three key comprehensiveness universities in Zhongyuan District, China. In the field of grain oil, Henan agricultural University always maintains the international advanced level; its research achievement has successively won second prize of National Technology Innovation and third prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress. The professional engineers from this school bring much latest technology to Hongyang.

Henan University of Technology

Henan University of Technology is approved by the state council in 1956 to create a food engineering university, only in the whole country is in the food industry "Huangpu military academy", "Asian food court" reputation.Schools with the United Nations food and agriculture organization , international grain science and technology association and other international organizations have maintained a good cooperative relations;And the American association of wheat, the Canadian wheat board association, the international fund for agricultural development centre in Australia, France, wheat and so on carries on the cooperation and communication;Successfully hosted the "UN food logistics international regional seminar", "international wheat and flour quality improving seminar" and other international academic conferences;