In recent years our company cooperate with more than 25 well-known food and edible oil companies. For example,Yixing sunflower oil,jinzai snack, Lierkang walnut oil, etc. Here are some outstanding companies in Food and oil yield below:

  In 2001, our equipment in Jinzai Food Co.,Ltd. This company are famous for its snacks,like small fish, bean food, and other snack food. we provided them the animal oil refinery equipment which can used in food processing.  
  From 2003 to 2005, our equipment in Yumizhixiang Food Co.,Ltd, Xiduoduo Food Co.,Ltd,and Zhaocaiyu Food Co.,Ltd. which located in same province,but different city with Jinzai food, and bought same equipment with Jinzai. All focus on the snack food. We are proud of this. We will continue hold our mission: Quality best, Service excellent,Oil healthy. 

  In 2004, our equipment in Tianshanxiang Nutritional oil Co.,Ltd. The equipment we provided is special seed oil equipment,like pomegranate seed oil and pumpkin seed oil. It mainly used in keep healthy and have a balance diet.The brand is famous around the oil yield.
   In 2007, our equipment in Lierkang Edible oil producer Co.,Ltd. It focus on producing the walnut kernel oil, linseed oil,and other edible oil. Meanwhile, we maintain a long-term relations of cooperation. The walnut oil made by our walnut equipment can reach the highest standard level in china.

     In 2008, our equipment in Kangermei Food Co.,Ltd. Our equipment help the factory build a new type oil making plant --Shortening oil. And signed another contract for palm oil refinery equipment this year, which is installing.


    In 2009, our equipment in Wuzhong City Xingda Grain and Oil Co.,Ltd. The sunflower seed oil equipment has help the sunflower seed oil from this company become the star oil product. And promote the rapid turnover every year.

  In 2011,our Tea and camellia seed oil equipment in Aokaifa camellia oil Co.,Ltd.  Its healthy and delicious is well-come in china.The equipment produce the oil for them.the oil help the company promote the frame and turnover.
    In 2013, our walnut kernel oil equipment in Hebei golden dragon edible oil Co.,Ltd. The walnut kernel oil equipment opened another brand of the walnut kernel oil,and create a balance healthy edible oil market. We also made another plan for their new typw oil project, which is under manufacturing.

To be continue......

In the future, we will keep extending our market. Believe that in the next years, our equipment will come more brands, more countries with good quality,best service, healthy oil